Quality for DAIKO is the sum of many aspects, starting from the technical excellence of the products without neglecting any management aspect.
In modern industrial production projects, the interaction of many technical and organizational figures is foreseen, each of which is responsible for managing specific aspects. The DAIKO technical team, made up of specialized technical figures, IWE and IWS, is able to support the customer in understanding the technical specifications and in the selection of consumables and welding processes. Furthermore, DAIKO's logistics are able to adapt flexibly to different warehouse and delivery requirements 
On the customer's side
Each customer has different needs and expectations based on their production, commercial and logistic needs. DAIKO pays great attention to understanding these aspects, often overlooked, and is able to propose customized solutions based on the requests of the individual customer. Do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate the best solution together.


In addition to the standard chemical-mechanical certificates that accompany all DAIKO consumables, we are able to carry out and certify with accredited third-party laboratories any mechanical tests possibly envisaged in the customer's project specifications and international design codes, possibly even in the presence of external inspectors.


The DAIKO technical department is available to the customer both in the preliminary stages of designing / accepting an order and in solving any difficulties that may arise during construction for all aspects relating to the welding process and the selection of the appropriate consumables.


The completely internal management of logistics and the large availability of stock material allows DAIKO to provide the customer with an outsourced warehouse service with the ability to manage timely and precisely scheduled orders and customized deliveries.


By actively controlling the production processes together with its industrial partners, DAIKO is able to adapt its formats to customer needs. In fact, it is possible to evaluate supplies based on customer specifications, whether in terms of format, surface treatment or packaging.


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