Use & Application
It is designed to match fully austenitic high alloy heat resisting steels often called 17/38 or 38/17. Alloys of this type are produced as castings with about 0.4%C, or in wrought form with carbon of about 0.08%. It matches the composition of castings but experience has also shown it to be compatible with the wrought alloys, although higher weld metal ductility will be obtained with a nickel base type. The high nickel content and low thermal expansion of the alloys give good resistance to thermal shock. The alloy is also highly resistant to carburization and oxidation but is not suitable for use in high Sulphur bearing atmospheres. These alloys retain good mechanical strength up to 1050-1100°C and are used for **heat treatment trays and containers, retorts furnace rollers, molds, hearth plates, radiant tubes, and furnace fittings and headers in the heat treatment industries and high temperature process plants**. Preheat is not generally required.
Alloy type
0.45%C-17%Cr-38%Ni high carbon austenitic heat resisting steel often called 18/37 or 37/18 alloy.
AW microstructure consists of austenite with eutectic and secondary carbides. Fully austenitic but with an apparent ferrite of up to 5FN.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 1.4865 (GX40NiCrSi38-18).
ASTM: A297 HT & HU, A351 HT30.
PROPRIETARY: Paralloy H38, H40, H33, H35 (Doncasters Paralloy), Cronite HR5, HR17, HR31 (Cronite), Lloyds T50 (LBA), Thermalloy T50, T58 (Duraloy), RA330-HC (Rolled Alloys), Incoloy® DS, 330 (Special Metals).

Products of the line 18-37 (HT-HU)

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