Use & Application
Similar to ER410, except for slightly higher chromium and carbon contents, it is used for many surfacing operations requiring corrosion resistance provided by 12 percent chromium along with somewhat higher hardness that increases wear resistance. Predominantly used for surfacing of sealing faces of valves for gas, water, and steam piping systems at service temperatures up to +450 °C. Application include welding of similar parental metal, weld overlay and thermal spraying. Suitable for cladding of continuous casting rolls. If parts are to be used in the “as-welded“ condition, a ductile joint can be achieved by using austenitic fillers such as 22 12 L/309, 18 8 Mn/307 or 25 20/310.
Alloy type
Ferritic martensitic stainless steels.
The microstructure comprises tempered martensite and some carbide.
Materials to be welded

Corrosion resistant Cr-steels as well as other similar-alloyed steels with C-contents ≤ 0.30 % (repair welding), heat resistant Cr-steels of similar chemical composition.
EN W.Nr.: 1.4006 (X12Cr13), 1.4021 (X20Cr13), +
ASTM: 410, 420.

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