Use & Application
The deposit is predominantly martensitic. It combines good toughness with excellent resistance to cavitation and to stress corrosion cracking. Typical applications include repairing of casting defects, fabrication and rebuilding on components used in the water turbines and pump, rebuilding and repairing casting defects, fabrication and rebuilding work on propellers. The interpass temperature should be kept below 150°C and the heat input be kept below 1.5 kJ/mm to achieve maximum weld metal impact toughness, especially in as-welded condition. A post-weld heat treatment at 580°C - 620°C is advised to obtain a tempered martensite that combines ductility, corrosion resistance and cavitation resistance.
Alloy type
16% Cr – 5% Ni – 1% Mo soft martensitic deposit.
Ferrite and martensite.
Materials to be welded

Designed for welding corrosion resistant martensitic- ferritic stainless steels of similar composition, such as Outokumpu 248SV.
EN W.Nr.: 1.4418 (X4 CrNiMo 16-5-1), 1.4405 (X5 CrNiMo 16 5).
PROPRIETARY: 248SV (Outokumpu).

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