Use & Application
These consumables are designed to match similar alloys, usually supplied as castings. The addition of copper improves corrosion resistance in sulphuric acid media and potentially increases strength and wear resistance, but as-welded toughness and pitting performance in chloride media are reduced in comparison to alloys with <1%Cu. Although the composition is controlled to ensure a minimum Pitting Resistance Equivalent (PRE) of 40 to match the superduplex alloys and maximize resistance to pitting consumables with <1%Cu may be preferred for non-sulphuric acid media unless PWHT is applied. Applications include **pumps and valves, corrosion/ wear resisting parts, and process equipment for use in offshore oil and gas industries, pulp, paper and textile industries, and chemical and petrochemical plant**.
Alloy type
25%Cr ferritic-austenitic superduplex stainless steels with nominally 25%Cr-8%Ni-3.5%Mo-1.5%Cu-0.2%N.
In the as-welded, or solution annealed condition, the microstructure is an austenite-ferrite duplex with about 25-60% ferrite.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 1.4515 (G-X3CrNiMoCuN 26 6 3), 1.4517 (G-X3CrNiMoCuN 26 6 3 3).
ASTM: A351 & A744 gr. CD4MCu, A890 gr. 1A, A890 gr. 1B.
UNS: S32550, J93370, J93372, S39255+
PROPRIETARY: Ferralium® 255–SD50, 255–SD40 (Langley Alloys), Uranus® 50M, 55, 52N, 52N+, 47N (Industeel), Ferrinox® 255 (Advanced Metals).

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