Use & Application
The consumables are suitable for surfacing and cladding provided the need for an appropriate buttering layer is addressed, normally either alloy 400 or pure nickel. Applications include **offshore construction, desalination plant, evaporators, condensers etc., in salt and sea water processing systems**. Preheating not normally required, maximum interpass temperature 150°C and no PWHT. Contamination of the weld zone with foreign material, particularly any source of lead, tin or zinc must be scrupulously avoided to prevent weld metal cracking.
Alloy type
90/10 copper-nickel alloys.
Solid solution, single phase alloy.
Materials to be welded

EN W.Nr.: 2.0872 (CuNi10Fe), 2.0882 (CuNi30Mn1Fe), 2.0883 (CuNi30Fe2Mn2).
ASTM: C71500, C96400 (cast).
UNS: C70600, C96200.
PROPRIETARY: Cunifer 10 (VDM), Osna®-10 (KME).

Products of the line CuNi 90-10

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