Use & Application
Mainly for joining and surfacing on complex aluminum bronzes mainly on such materials with a high Mn content as well as on steel and cast steel. Because of the excellent resistance to seawater and general corrosion resistance, the alloy is excellently suited in the shipbuilding industry (propellers, pumps and armatures) and in the chemical industry (valves, slides, pumps) and is mainly for applications subjected to chemical attacks combined with erosion. Because of the good friction coefficient it is suited for surfacing on waves, gliding surfaces, bearing and matrix of all sorts. The weld deposit has excellent mechanical properties and is tough and crack resistant. Very good chip removal machining, corrosion resistant and non magnetic. Clean weld area thoroughly (metallic bright). Preheating temperature of large weldments to approx. 150 °C. Heat-input should be kept low and the interpass temperature should not exceed 150 °C.
Alloy type
Highest grade of the Al-Bronze-types.
Consists of primary α-phase grains in a matrix composed mainly of γ-phase grains and an intergranular phase layer containing both α and γ-phase particles.
Materials to be welded

This alloy is also used to join or repair high-strength bronzes of similar chemical composition and for high-strength repairs of cast iron.

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