Use & Application
Widely used alloys thanks to their excellent aesthetic characteristics and smoothness. Low sensitivity to weld cracking with 6000 series base alloys. Lower melting point and more fluidity (thanks to Silicon content) and better weld appearance than 5000 series filler alloys. The weld metal is not suitable for anodizing for decorative purposes. Applications in general constructions and in the automotive industry. It has good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. Its low melting point ensure a very low deformations in the parent metal. Higher silicon content provides increased fluidity and minimize hot cracking. The alloy is generally used for brazing aluminum sheets, extrusions and casting and in applications with sustained elevated temperatures.
Alloy type
Consumables for welding aluminum alloys alloyed with Mg and Si.
Face-centered cubic lattice.
Materials to be welded

The alloy is suitable for sustained elevated temperature applications (> 65 °C). The alloy is designed for welding heat treatable base alloys.
EN W.Nr.:

EN AW-Al Si5A (4043A), EN AW-Al Mg1SiCu (6061), EN AW-Al SiMg(A) (6005A), EN AW-Al Zn4,5Mg1 (7020), EN AW-Al MgSi (6060), AlMgSi0,5, AlMgSi0,7, AlMgSi0,8, EN AW-Al Si1MgMn (6082).

DAIKOW AlSi12, G-TECH 601: AlMgSi1, AlMgSi0,8, G-AlSi12, G-AlSi11, G-CuAlSi12(Cu), G-AlSi10Mg, G-AlSi10Mg(Cu), G-AlSi9Mg, G-AlSi9Cu3, G-AlSi7Mg, GAlSi6Cu4).

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