Use & Application
Joining aluminum alloys such as broken parts and or other casting parts, also ideal for cladding or rebuilding parts. Also excellent for welding dissimilar grades of Aluminum. Storage tanks, truck and trailer parts, chemical tanks, food equipment. Increased strength and excellent ductility due to Mn content Excellent corrosion resistance. Very good weldability with good penetration and porosity free deposit, Unique self lifting slag and improved coating against moisture pick up.
Alloy type
Aluminum alloyed with Manganese, copper, silicon, and magnesium.
Face-centered cubic lattice.
Materials to be welded

Seawater resistant Aluminum, AlMn, AlMg alloys with max. 3% magnesium. Also for welding forged and cast aluminum-magnesium alloys and aluminum-manganese alloys.
EN W.Nr.: EN AW-Al Mn0,6 (3207), EN AW-Al Mn1 (3103), EN AW-Al Mg1Mg0,5 (3005), EN AW-Al Mn1Mg1 (3004), EN AW-Al Mg3 (5754).

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